1. Open the KuCoin app or go to the KuCoin.com webpage
  2. If asked, sign in to your KuCoin account using the login details  
  3. Now, you need to head to the ‘Asset’ tab and click on it
  4. Then, choose the ‘Deposit’ option to proceed
  5. Now, head to the ‘Fiat’ option and click on it
  6. Then, you are asked to add a payment method
  7. When asked, provide the bank account details
  8. Enter the account number correctly and click the ‘Add’ option to finish

Method to add card details in KuCoin

In case you are looking to add the details of your credit/debit card in the KuCoin then you need to approach the steps that are given below:

  1. Launch the KuCoin mobile app or visit the KuCoin.com site
  2. Now, provide the login details to access the KuCoin account
  3. After accessing the account, click on the ‘Asset’ option
  4. Now, get to the ‘Deposit’ option and click on it
  5. If asked, choose the ‘Fiat’ option to proceed
  6. Click the ‘Add a card’ option and then provide card details
  7. After entering the card details, click the ‘Add’ option
  8. Now, you have added your card as a payment option in the KuCoin login account
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